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The basic "Need-To-Know" information

I am "Jennerz Your God , ruler of the world and all those that live in it. If you wish to complain about this certain arrangement then tough, because I shall rule forever more. Actually, thats not strictly true. One day I shall retire and give my crown to whoever I think deserves it. At this very moment in time, nobody is worty of such title, but I will be holding auditions some time in the next millenium (which is when I plan to retire to my humble castle in the underground stairway). On the judging panal I intend to have, of course, Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman (Even though Ol' Pete looks like hes been around the block for a while already doesn't he).
Wanna know how I stumbled upon the name?! Weeell, its a loooong story, involving me, Squidley-Didley, a tram-stop and a certain "Worshipping" session. Weeell, Squidley-Didley and my dear self had just returned from Devenshire Green and were perced at a nearby tramstop. Then, as she was always known as "Squidley Your God, for I am your God", so I actually got down on my knees (ooo-eeer, and infront of numerous random strangers!) and worshipped her, "for she is Squidley, mine and your God!" Then, as I was forever known as Jennerz, the name was devised, and I was also worshipped (only she happened to be in a slightly more "private" spot). So now ya know, and thats the end of that chapter....

 Anywho, I may be a ruler of all things Jennerised, but I still have things to be doing in the meantime. Music is good... much good actually. None of that townie rubbish mind, "Jennerz Your God" cannot be doing with it! Bit of good ol' rock music never hurt anyone important (only the odd few thousand teenagers who believe that the whole world is out to get them. I mean cummon! Thats just paranoia!!)

  Now TV, the odd great comedy, also pleases "Jennerz Your God". If Im ever feeling pissed off, as frequent as it may seem, I can always depend on Blackadder to cheer me up.

 A past hobby of mine is stalking, but I had to give that up because of the demanding time schedule (I just didnt have the time to follow people around 24/7 AND have a life now did I! I may be "Jennerz Your God" but I can't be everywhere at once now can I!?)

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Shows: Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Bottom, The Simpsons, Dare To Believe
Favorite Movies: The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions
Favorite Music: Rage Against The Machine, Alkaline Trio, Funeral For A Friend, Nirvana, Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons, Hoobastank, Incubus, Teen Species etc ...
Favorite Book: The 'Jennerz Your God' Bible
People I Most Admire and such: Zack de la Rocha, Kurt Cobain, James Cater and, after much consideration, Vice God Lib (I chose to consider this carfully, I dont usually promote lesbianish behaviour.)

Favorite Quotes:
  I have manya fave quote (for I speak alot). But these are my ultimate faves!

  • "Just because I wear a pink shirt it doesn't mean im some kind of..... Pink Donut Eater!" - Homer Simpson
  • "Ive got a cunning plan...." - Balderick
  • "Oh smeg!" - Lister, Rimmer and other R.D Crew
  • "Not today Zurg!" - Buzz Lightyear
  • "Whats this?!" "An Orange!" - Dare To Believe