FLASH - The Man... The Myth... The Legend...
Who Dat Dere?!
Interview with the Greggles

Three things you need to know about FLASH!

The Man: Flash - aaaaah! He saved every one of us!

The Myth: Long haired rocker from King Lizard

The Legend: Cameraman for Quizmania


Need to know more? Well I would describe him as a complete legend, with groovy hair and even groovier taste in music! As a rocker myself, I admire that man! He usually has his earphones in whilst working, and theres only two people in this world who can get away with that - Flash, and NHS Direct workers! And I love only one of them - and its gotta be Flash! Hence, this page for him!

I love him so much, I named one of my new fish after him! Heres the story - I went to the pet shop today and thought 'why not buy a couple of fish?' My other ones (Filthy, Rich and Catflap) sadly passed away, because I didn't know that their ornimental fern was slowly killing them off until it was too late dammit! Therefore, fish were in need of being bought! But what to name them?! Ive already had numerous combinations - Eddie, Richie, Vyv, Vim, Fuego, Filthy, Rich, Catflap and even Rik and Ade! But no, the time had come to stop naming them after my heroes - the new legends were in town! So Greggles and Flash are happily in their tank, with no toxic fern in sight! HOORAH! Long live the fish!

Speaking of fish, there was a thing on Quizmania about edible fish the other day. Weird! (Then again there was also one about sauce, but thats another matter!)

Keep an eye out for more Flash info!!