I Wanna Be A Quizmaniac
Who Dat Dere?!
Interview with the Greggles

Quizmania?: Amongst other presenters, he works late nights/ early mornings bringing fun to the world. Quizmania is a show that gives you MONEY! Too good to be true? Gotta be a catch?! Nope, you just gotta be in it to win it!
 They have games on Live TV, like "List top edible fish", and for a rare fish like 'Monkfish', you get about 800. But for something obviously like Haddock, you'd get about 300. And all you gotta do is call 'em up (about 60p), chat to the presenter, and get ya cash (provided you get the right answer)! Nothing can go wrong!
So why havn't YOU called in, Jenn?: because, sadly, its over 18's only. And as my silly parents decided to have my older sister first (selfishly!) I am only 16. sob sob!
What can I do If I'm underage too?!: You can always email the show! They often read emails out (provided they're good!). Go ahead! To reach Greggles himself, email to !
Can I be a Quizmaniac?: Of course! just watch Quizmania, fall in love with it, and gain your title!
Who else should I watch out for?: Well, other than The Greggles, make sure you keep an eye out for -
1)everybodys favourite camerman, FLASH! The long haired rocker from King Lizard (a band he plays for, often mentioned on the show). Usually unusual, and totally random! Look out for his best bits on the Flash page (coming soon!)
2) Another camerman, the ginger Tin-Tin mixed with Stan Laurel himself - Neil! Not seen as often as Flash, but then I only watch the bits of Quizmania with Greggles. Ooops.