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Interview with NPP President, Dr D. Abruzzo

President of the NPP

 Peach Protests
Peach protest was first thought up by Dom - The Genius. Since then, she has been promoted, by jennerz Your God, to become THE President of The National Peach Protests (NPP). Here, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview, with pictures from the very first Peach Protest.

Q) Why did you start the union?
- because, like humans, peaches were created by (Jennerz Your) God, therefore have the same rights, one of which is the right to life.
Q) But why peaches? Why not, say, a fruit like aubergines?
- Well, I know that if you go to you will know that fruits have got a lot of support, in fact aubergines have got the biggest percentage rating in support. You can place you support at the website.
Q) What about carrots?
- Well carrots aren't a fruit, ARE THEY! FOOL!
Q) ok, no need to get agressive. What have you got against vegetables?
- Sorry, but I don't believe that they need the support, like Peaches. Peaches are the most beautiful, smooth, furry fruits. They have got the most luxurious smell. You can even get smelly peach toilet roll! Betchya didn't know that.
Q) What effects has your protesting had?
- Well, the recent war on Iraq stemed from the fact that Bush simply refused to stop eating peaches during World Peace Meeting, and kept spitting the pips and stones at Saddam Hussein. Saddam launched an attack on Bush's peach tree, angering Peach Rights Protestors. Bush declared a war, and we had even more protests against the war of peaches.
Right, well, thanks for that interview, here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures! Just click ther peach!

Click the peach

"Because fruit have feelings too!"