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famous fruit fans...or famous fruity quotes

Eddie Izzard - "So oranges can fuck off!"
Harry Hill - "Its usually vegetarians that go on about saving the enrivonment, but they'd be more of it about if they stopped eating all the plants!"
Eddie Izzard - "Pears are gorgeous little beasts, but they're ripe for half an hour.... And your never there! Theyr're rock hard or they're mush!"
Dave Spikey - "whats worse than finding a worm in an apple? Half of one? No, trapping your dick in your flies!"
Eddie Izzard - "Do not let them get into zee orange"
Groucho Marx - "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana"
Eddie Izzard - "Satsuma, its like a cheap round!"
Rob O'Reilly - "We're here, we eat pears, get used to it!"
Eddie Izzard: So yeah, fuck pears!
Dimetri Martin - "A fruit basket is the only way of sending someone fruit without seeming insane."
Rob O'Reilly - "In the United States, apples outnumber pears nine to one, but that doesn't mean that apples are any better. Sure, pears are the minority, but they're still good fruit nonetheless."

"Because fruit have feelings too!"