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Fruity stories

Here are stories by people about fruit. If you have one that you would like me to add, email me at

Story by Levi: During the holidays, I found a new type of pear I had never seen before. Asian pears. Now pears are fabulous in my book! Sweet, juicy, delicious, particularly the way I like them, nice and ripe. To the point of needing a towel under your chim to catch the juice. We tried one of these Asian varities one day. It was hard, tastless, ah I thought, must not be ripe. So it's partner has been sitting on my fruit plate since then while I have been waiting for it to ripen. Every couple of days I walk over pick it up , smell it, squeeze it, still hard. Hmm, must need more time! Now after 2months, I am getting real curious! So I finally break down and look it up on the net. Hmm interesting, "Asian Pears are uniquely delicious, with the shape and crunchiness of an apple, and the russeted skin and flavor of a pear". Ah Haaa! No wonder, they are supposed to be hard and crunchy! So, being that i don't really like the texture of fresh apples, I am trying to find a recipe for asian pears where you only need 1 pear! I am almost sad, because this pear has become quite the conversation piece here. My daughter comes for a visit, picks up the pear, and says " still not ripe huh". The joke has been made that someday I will pick it up and sqeeze it and it will explode with a burst of dust from the insides pertifying thierselves! Soon, I am seeing the pear being cut up and put out for the deer. I am going to almost miss that pear! So much for being exotic with my fruit buying! I think I will stick to the old faithfuls for now!

"Because fruit have feelings too!"