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Welcome one and welcome all!

 This is my website, based on the BBC sitcom, Bottom. This website also includes information on other popular projects involving Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. If you're on this site, you either love Rik and Ade for their classic comic genius, or you want to get interested in them. Trust me, theyre faaaaaantastic!


 If you havnt seen Bottom, then confound you! You may have seen Rik and Ade working together in The Young Ones, Dangerous Brothers or Blackadder, or seperate in projects such as Drop Dead Fred, Doctors and Nurses, The New Statesman or Jonathan Creek.

It has been my sole aim to love everything with Rik and Adrian in it, and up til now its working a treat. Not only is Rik in many tv programmes, hes featured in films and drama with his unmistakable comic voice for years. He also co-wrote The Young Ones with Lise Mayer, and renowned comedy writer Ben Elton. He also co-wrote the main focus of this website, Bottom, with Adrian Edmondson. Adrian has also wrote and directed projects, including the debut Bottom movie, Guest House Paradiso.


I hope you like the site, and note that I dont make any profit from it. If you dont like it then your a philistine... it took me 15 minutes to do this!


Note, it didnt really take just 15 minutes. Hey ho, the children didnt notice.


This site was brought to you by the makers of
as well as the joint site (with Arthur Newton)
Needed to make this site: me, food, drink-in-in-in-ninge, rock music and a pinch of salt and/or herbs. Please ignore me. Im a bit nutty. Arent I everyone A bit nutty?

Copyrights: Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. It is not hard, street or in anyway cool to steal. I do not wish to steal anything from anyone, so if you have any comments about copyright issues, please contact me and I will change it ASAP. Thanks!

Bottom rules. Thanks for checking out this site dudes!

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