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Bottom Frenzy
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A - Z


The A-Z, all you need to know. Incredably useful, I trust you'll agree!


A-Z of Rik and Ade


A - Adrian Edmonson

B - Bottom/ Bad News

C - Comic Strip Presents.../ Christopher Ryan

D - Dangerous Brothers/ Doctors And Nurses

E - Eddie Hitler

F - Flithy, Rich and Catflap

G - Guest House Paradiso

H - Hooligans Island

I - Investagative Reporter, Kevin Turvey

J - Jellikins

K - Kevin Turvey

L - Lord Flasheart

M - Merlin

N - Nigel Planner

O - O.X.F.O.R.D.U.N.I.T.E.D

P - Princess and the Goblin


R - Rik Mayall / Richie Richard

S - (How To Be A Little) Sod

T - The New Statesman

U - Underpants

V - Von Richtoven (Baron)

W - Weapons Grade Y-Fronts

X - Xylophone Fish (...nah, It'd sink wouldnt it!)

Y - Young Ones (The)

Z - Zebras (Flying)


A-Z of Bottom


A - Adrian Edmonson/ alcohol

B - Bottom

C - Chess

D - Dick Head

E - Eddie Hitler/ Emmerdale Farm

F - Fighting/ France (Confound them, and the Christmas Club Coach Trip to Bruges!)

G - Guest House Paradiso

H - Hedgehog (Dave)/ Hammersmith

I - Indistinct mimes (Which results in 10 pile cream packets!)

J - Johnnies/ jugs

K - (Sad) Ken, Special K

L - Lamb and Flag

M - Mabel (auntie), Monica

N - Nice statistic

O - Organ (Eddies long, firm, sturdy organ)

P - (Foxy stoat seeks) Pig

Q - QPR/ The Queen

R - Rik Mayall / Richie Richard

S - Spudgun

T - Terror

U - Umberellas (for the chess game)/ Uncle Bulgaria

V - Violence/ virgin

W - Wanker/ WOMBLES

X - Xylophone Fish (...nah, It'd sink wouldnt it!)

Y - Y-Fronts/ yellow cup full of poision

Z - Zzzbucks