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Did you notice these fluffs?! If there are any that I havn't put then please email them to me, and you'll get recognition for being a top class fluff spotter (oo-er!). Some of them arent actually fluffs, its just little things I noticed.


- In SMELLS, Richie picks up a handful of johnnies. If you look, theyre in a mess, and all stuck out (oooer!). Well, when they burst out of the gents, all the johnnies are in a nice neat pile.


- Ade wears his wedding ring in the beginning of GAS, but later he takes it off.


- In GAS, Richie looks really stressed over handing over "3p in real money", but when hes asked to hand over 12 he gets it straight out (Straight out eh... cue for a double entendre?!)


- In GAS when Richie and Eddie are perving on Mr Rottwieler, the window starts to shake. Has Mr Rottwieler never heard of stable walls?! (He obviously needs them, as any old loony could break in just by smashing down a wall!)


- When Eddie hits the Gasman with the pan for the last time, Richie looks as though hes not really expecting it, and jumps a mile!


- In CONTEST, it is raining outside. But when Eddie comes in from "a hard day at the office", hes not even wet (Oo-eeer!)


- Most of the time, the organ is against the back wall in the flat. In CONTEST, however, its at the front of the room with the telephone on it (which is also usually on top of the telly!)


- In APOCALYPSE, Eddie throws his scythe down near the bed, but later its propped up against the wall.


- In 'S UP, Richie is reading a magazine with "the particulars of the nudey beach trip", then when John comes in and asks for "The Mail On Sunday", Richie pretends hes reading that instead.


- In 'S UP, Richie pulls his trousers up when hes about to dance. Then, one of the legs falls down, and then it appears to be back up when he starts dancing. Its the mystical forces...


- In ACCIDENT, there are 16 peanuts on top of the TV. After Richie shouts "im in the cupboard", there are only 15. In Bottom Fluff, you see Ade eat a peanut and say "that'll bugger the continuity!"


- In ACCIDENT, Mark Williams is wearing the most hilarious socks known to humanity (except Richie Rich in Filthy, Rich and Catflap in Episode Five, because his socks match his dressing gown!) Not a fluff, but its true!


- In ACCIDENT, you can see where Richies sat on a little skateboard type thing, and his real leg is curled uder him when Eddie tied it to the door knob.


- In ACCIDENT, the Theiving Bastard Gypo, (who gets shot in the eye) also appeared in The Young Ones as a guy who wants to offload a ten ton poo to bury Neil with. Actually, hes in Young Ones alot, and plays numerous people, including a policeman)


- In DIGGER, you can see two ladels in "Jives" pan, one for the normal mash and one for the gag (where it sticks on his ladel)


- In CULTURE, Richie says "What do we need! Twiglets!". He doesn't smack his hand down onto the table, like I think hes supposed to, but if you watch FLUFF then you find out why! (Spiderman falls over!)


- Wouldnt it be funny if the Police came round in BURGLERY, and found a bus parked outside!


- In BURGLARY, when Richie says "Lets go! Oh! We're going to Barbados! Wooooh!", Eddie is supposed to join in. When they are supposed to say "lets go", Eddie mumbles something. Then he says "IM going to barbados", instead of "We're". Maybe hes planning to leave Richie behind?


- In PARADE, the video doesn't introduce "Tight Mouth Larry". The first time you see him is when he stands up and says "Here I am..ooh no im not". But in the original series shown on TV, he comes in singing, and Eddie mentions that hes "not very tight-mouthed today".


- In S'OUT, the streaker with the tiny penis is played by Rupert Bates. In BURGLARY, I noticed that he was credited again.


- In HOLE, Eddie drops his "glass" over the side of the ferris wheel. To say its the tallest ferris wheel in Western Europe, you can hear the plastic as it hits the floor below them.


- The headline on the newspaper that Eddie is reading in HOLE makes me giggle. Its "NO NEWS SHOCKER". Dunno why, its just funny how its not mentioned, but then in the paper they have plenty of news (the ferris wheel for one).


- In TERROR, theres a window behind the front door. But in ACCIDENT, theres just a wall, because Richie gets shoved into it.


- TERROR, Eddie sneezes and you hear glass smash and Richie say "There goes the conservetory!". If you look behind a singed Hedgehog, the glass looks fine.


- In TERROR, the sprouts arn't the only things that are Christmassy. Just look at the cereal, theres santas on the back! ("But its October!")


- In TERROR, you can see Ade desperate to laugh when Rik says "I'll look up the secret Devil raising incantation in my Ladybird book of Witches!"


- In TERROR, the clock says 12 when theyre raising the devil. But then they wake up, its a minute before 12. Was Eddies "Time Traveling Turdis" involved?!


- In TERROR, you can see something up Spudguns dressing gown as he farts on the strong box full of exploding carrots. It looks like a broom handle.


- In TERROR, Spudgun lives on his very own street. When Richie and Eddie go trick or treating on Cheif-Manga-Suita-Boota-Lazy-Col-de-sac, theres just one house, and a wall next to Spudguns house. He also has a number 9 on his door, so wheres the other 8 houses?! And Richie said they were loaded around there.


- Theres a Sex Pistols poster on the wall when Richie and Eddie are walking home from Spudguns house in TERROR.


- The carrots in the box dont have faces in TERROR.


- When Richie goes to answer the door in TERROR, theres not any real stairs behind him. Theyre just painted on!


- In BREAK, the stiching on Eddies legs don't match, even though Richie cut them in a straight line. One line of stiching is above the knee, the other is below.


- Also in BREAK, when Eddie says "I havnt got used to these legs yet" and picks his coat up, something falls out of his coat. I suspect that its the coat-stand peg that got broken.


- Again in BREAK, the handlebars for the "Lift The Fridge" equiptment are far away from the sofa, then later theyre close to it (obviously as he has to put them under the sofa near the end).


- In BREAK, you can see Eddies real legs under the sofa.


- In BREAK, you can see Richies vest under his dressing gown when he says "Boy can I feel 'em!" and when hes getting "Lippo-Suction".


- In BREAK, Theres a Bafta on the bookcase behind the sofa. But when Richie runs through it, its not there. Maybe Rik won it?


- In DOUGH, Hedgehog shouts "Ade! Help!" when richie keeps trying to talk to him and Spudgun.


- In Finger, you can see the bloodied tissue on the floor when Richie says "Shes a little on the shy, unconcious side!"


- In FINGER, Richie and Eddie are clicking their fingers to the the table in the resteraunt, and they sit down. Then, when Eddie is talking to "Andre", Richie walks past behind them again!


- In CARNIVAL you can see the vests under their shirts as they get shot


- In FLUFF, Rik pulls the iron out of the wall, and it breaks (a sketch that was fluffed from BURGLARY) and the plug swings round and hits Ade on the hand. Ouch!


- In BOTTOM LIVE 2, Rik is credited as playing "Richie Rich", which is wrong. He plays Richard Richard. he actually plays "Richie Rich" in Filthy, Rich and Catflap.


- Richie changes between different trousers. Sometimes its jeans and other times hes in the brown trousers with the braces. And sometimes, its the tights! His underpants don't start appearing over the top of his trousers until around series two.


- (Kevin Turvey) In "Nasty Little Sticky Things", a butterfly goes behind Kevin. ("Get them outta here! Pesky things!")


- (The Young Ones) On the back of a Young Ones video (with Demolition, Bomb, and Sick on it), Nigel Planer is credited as "Neal". Forgive me if Im wrong, but hes then credited as "Neil" in the actual end credits.


- (The Young Ones) In DEMOLITION, Rick shouts "URGH! A RAT!" and sort of slips on the rug when hes running towards it with Neils guitar. Unusually hilarious, i trust you'll agree!


- (Dangerous Brothers) Sir Richard looks to the floor for a special mark in Torture. If you look, theres a circle on the floor where the iron will fall, possably where the hole is in the bottom of the huge iron.


- (Filthy, Rich and Catflap) Im not sure that Eddies supposed to drop the Trivial Persuit card in Episode Five.


- (Filthy, Rich and Catflap) In Episode Three when the oven explodes, theres people behind it. And also in the same episode, Richie trips down the stairs just after Eddie finds the dirty mags in the cupboard. And also in that episode, when Eddie punches Richie in the supermarket, he throws the chicken up and it lands in the trolley.