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Newest news!
AUGUST "Bottom's Up!!"
Its time to celebrate! After months of waiting, Bottom Series 3 is finally out on DVD! It may have come out a while, but its now August, and ive noticed it recently. Get your blouses off, as smashing as they probably are!
AUGUST "The language of the toilet!"
Wipe your bottoms! Is Rik Mayall too well known for his toilet humour? Well, he does appear as the Adrex puppy in the toilet roll ads, but now ive noticed his voice on a Toilet Duck advert!
Richie) "The idea of the lovely Anthrax pup, Eddie, is that the paper is so lovely and soft...."
Eddie) "Its like wiping your bottom with a puppy?!" (Filthy, Rich and Catflap)
Adrian has appeared in a special episode of Holby City as a drunk doctor who had to move to Africa to work in the hospitals there. There was a hilarious scene where he was the only available doctor, but he thought it was a day off and got pissed. So he had to deliver a baby in true Eddie Hitler style! And the classic bit was where he got the defibilator and shouted "CLEAR" AFTER he'd tried to re-start sombodys heart! Brilliant fun, I loved every minute!
JULY "Wheres my quill? Bloody hell I bought 5 yesterday!"
Adrian has made my mornigs worth living for once again when he appeared on This Morning. In an interview about the forthcoming episode of Holby City that hes due to appear in, he offered to do an emergency tracioctamy on Loraine Kelly... if she offered him a biro? Apparently he has to do a scene where he shoves a biro down somebodys throat. I suppose it beats shoving it in Richie eye! He said "I'll do a tracioctamy on you if you like..... have you got a biro. I had 2 yesterday!!". I love that bloke!
MARCH "Did we win?" "No we lost!"
Adrian went on to finish third in "Comic Relief Does Fame Academy". The show raised over 1million for COmic Relief from the phone calls to vote for the celebrity contestants. Well done Adrian!! My friends and I sang your fab version of "I love You baby" at our local booze-hole (or "Corporation", as its more widely known).
MARCH "Keep it up...Oo-eer!"
Adrian is, at this moment, down to the final four of "Comic Relief does Fame Academy! Hes been doing well all week, according to the judjges His classic rock remnition of "I love you baby" is deffinatly a song I'll never stop humming!! Lets hope he makes the finals tomorrow!
MARCH "Happy Birthday Richie!"
 To Rik: Congratulations it's your birthday, It's time for lots of fun. So roll this card up nice and tight and stick it up your bum!" Thats right, 7th of March is Rik Mayall's birthday! God bless him, we'll never forget an old serviceman!
MARCH "Charity begins at home...and thats where it ends in our house!"
 Adrian Edmondson has joined the Fame Academy house as part of "Comic Relief Does Fame Academy". His housemates include Edith Bowman, Reggie Yates and Kim Metcalfe, along with other celebrity names.
FEB "Bigger than Hitler, Better than Jesus!"
 Rik is letting his creative juices flow after begining his autobiography, "Bigger than Hitler, Better than Jesus". Being one of the UKs biggest comediens, the book is expected to be a hit, hitting shelves in September '05!
JAN "How many cards did you get on your birthday Eddie?!"
 Adrian turns 48 on January 24th! Happy Birthday! I hope you get a red-hot tip....
DEC "Ive got some sad and tragic news...."
 Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson have decided to call it a day after 25 years of alternative comedy!
 "It's definitely time to stop," says 48-year-old Ade. "We're getting too old. We both realised that the show wasn't as engaging as it used to be. We were starting to look a bit ridiculous."
 For the full interview, see the INTERVIEW page.

Hammersmith Bugle is a copyright from Bottom. Its ok, Richie and Eddie are the only people who read, or have ever read, the Hammersmith Bugle anyway!