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Top Five of everything!


My Top Five of everything, concerning Rik and Ade!

Top five Rik and Ade projects

1) Bottom

2) Dangerous Brothers

3) Filthy, Rich and Catflap

4) The Young Ones

5) Blackadder (Episode: Private Plane)


Top five Bottom Lives

1) Bottom Live 2

2) Bottom Live 1

3) Bottom Live 3

4) Bottom Live 5

5) Bottom Live 4


Top five Rik characters

1) Richard Richard (Bottom)

2) Rick (The Young Ones)

3) Richie Rich (Filthy Rich and Catflap)

4) Lord Flasheart/ Robin Hood (Blackadder)

5) Alan B'astard (The New Statesman)


Top five Ade characters

1) Eddie Hitler (Bottom)

2) Vyvian Baserd (The Young Ones)

3) Eddie Catflap (Filthy, Rich and Catflap)

4) Sir Adrian Dangerous/ Lady Adrian Dangerous (Dangerous Brothers)

5) Dr Roy Glover (Doctors and Nurses)/ Baron Von Richtoven (Blackadder)


Top five Rik moments

1) When Richie says "Dont you DARE call me overweight young man!" and the ride collapses

2) When the door wont shut in Bottom Live 2, and richie goes "Im Rik Fucking Mayall! CLOSE!"

3) When he does his milk-man impression ("Ee-by-gum")

4) When he says "Well done doctor!" and "We are men of science!"

5) "all right, im with you now Ted!



Top five Ade moments

1) When hes desperate to laugh after Richie says "Ladybird book of wiches!" in TERROR

2) in Young Ones when Vyv starts going "MY BRAINS EXPLODED!" and Rik says "that was pathetic!"

3) When he invents the "OXFORD UNITED" Monomic

4) When Richie punches him in the bollocks in Bottom Live 2

5) When he plays the guitar in the end of Bottom Live 4 and 5


Top five Bottom episodes

1) 'S Out

2) Culture

3) Hole

4) Terror

5) Dough


Top five Bottom moments

1) The Womble conversation ('S Out)

2) The chess scene where Richie attacks (Culture)

3) When Richie breaks the ferris wheel carriage (Hole)

4) When Richie thinks hes got "Double Entendre Disease" (Terror)

5) When Eddie walks in dressed as a banana (Terror)


Top five Bottom quotes

1) "What, a mute pumpkin or a mute banana?"

2) "Well thats just effing marvelous, isn't it!"

3) "Running all the way!"

4) "I think this for kids you know, Eddie"

5) "Whats that film where they ate each other?" / "Deep Throat wasn't it?"


Top five Botttom insults

1) "You double effing, stupid, triple effing ARSE!"

2) "Wanker. Sweaty wanker. Sweaty has-been... WANKA!"

3) "Sod off yourself, you great fat git!"

4) "You twat! You twat-shaped twat!"

5) "You stupid, stupid bastard! I knew you'd get us into trouble!"


Top five Young Ones quotes

1) "Why? What are you trying to do? Photosynhasize?!"

2) "How did it happen?"/ "Come on Rick, how old are you?!"

3) "I thought you were dead!"/ "Thats no reason to hastle me on the toilet!"

4) "Vyvian Vyvian Vyvian! Everytime something explodes in this house its always 'Blame Vyvian'!"




Top five Young Ones insults

1) "Negative vibe merchant!"

2) "Bloody hippy!"

3) "Spazmo!"

4) "Facist!"

5) "You bunch of lavatory bowls!"


Top five fight scenes

1) When Richie and Eddie are fighting by the pond on Wimbledon Common (BOTTOM, 'S Out)

2) When Rick and Vyv fall through the ceiling on a bed, because Vyv keeps calling him a virgin. (THE YOUNG ONES, Time)

3) On Hooligans island, where Richie says "I am Benny from Crossroads!" and Eddie attacks him. (BOTTOM LIVE 3, Hooligans Island)

4) When Richie and Eddie fight behind the curtain, and Richie is worst of to start with. (BOTTOM Digger)

5) When Richie punches Eddie numerous times, then Eddie says "come in?" (BOTTOM, Carnival)


Top five Rik jokes

1) "Why did the pervert cross the road? because he couldnt get his nob out of the chicken!"

2) "What did the man with a 2 ft cock have for breakfast? Well this morning I had a boiled egg!"

3) "Knock knock" ("Whos theres?") "Oh, you've heard it"

4) "Why does Mrs Thacher wear barbed wire underwear? She doesnt, its a joke!"

5) "A man runs into a bank and says 'Stick em up!' So the woman behind the couter says 'righty-ho mate' and sallotapes his bolocks to the ceiling!"


Top five Ades "look into camera moments"

1) In Carnival, when Richie says "It is the 80s after all, Eddie"

2) In Break, when Richie says "Urgh! I nearly kissed you on the nob then!"

3) In Nasty, Vyv says "If anyone else asks if we have a video then i'll shove their head through a window"

4) In Torture, Sir Adrian goes up to the screen saying "I will not worry about it!"

5) In Fluff, when he does his Paul "Hello Penn" Nicols impression


Top five drinks (Rik and Ade cocktails)

1) The Ester Rantzen

2) Weapons Grade Lager

3) Brandy, meths, pernod, mr sheen, brake fluid and dambui

4) 7 eggs, washing up liquid, hint of Domestos, Jif Microliquid and ant spray

5) pint of dog shit with the fairy liquid on top, with an umberella in it