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Its a small world, and here are some ways that Rik and Ade projects are linked by its cast!

Rupert Bates was in 'S OUT as the streaker. He was also in BURGLARY.


Carla Mencoda plays one of the lesbians in SMELLS (with Kate). She also plays a prostitue in KINKY SEX (Dangerous Brothers). She also plays one of the women in Ricks wet dream, in SICK (The Young Ones).


Bottom is very popular on Eastenders (ooer!). In SMELLS, Nasty Nick Cotton plays the sex shop owner. Lisa is in DOUGH as one of the "nursey jugfest on table number 2!". And Gus plays one of the three small devils at the front door (Damien) in TERROR. Nadia Sawhalia who was also in Eastenders is in DIGGER, but her part got cut out of the final episode.
On the theme of Eastenders, Barbera Winsor who plays Peggy Mitchel is in Filthy, Rich and Catflap as "Aunty Bloody Mertle" from Episode One.


In Jonathan Creek, Adrian plays Brendan Baxter. Brendan's wife is Carla, played by Julia Sawhalia. As you can remember, Julia was also in Bottom as Veronica Head in PARADE. Also on the Jonathan Creek theme, Rik was one in an episode called "The Black Canary" as a detective.


Mike the Cool Person (The Young Ones) and Dave Hedgehog (Bottom) are played by Christopher Ryan. You may have noticed him in The New Statesman in the episode H*A*S*H. He played a foreign inventor, who smells (literally)


Steven O'Donnel played Spudgun in Bottom. He also plays Chef in Guest House Paradiso. He also plays Riks dad in How To Be A Little Sod.


Cheif Inspector Grobolar , from PARADE, plays a prisoner in The Young Ones in a poster about criminals sent to Autralia.
Also in that scene was Chris Barrie, who plays Rimmer in Red Dwarf.
Also from Red dwarf, Robert Lewllyn who plays Kryten plays the one legged war veteran in PARADE.


The theiving bastard Gypo from APPOCALYPSE is the same guy who wants to dump a "ten ton poo" outside The Young Ones' house in SICK. He also plays a policeman in BORING from The Young Ones.


Rik was in Blackadder Goes Forth (Private Plane) as Flasheart with Hugh Laurie. In Dangerous Brothers, Hugh turns up again in the DANGERVISION sketch as one of the flower arrangers. In that sketch he was with Steven Fry, and they were both in Filthy, Rich and Catflap as P'Farty and N'Bend (Episode Two).


In Episode One of Filthy, Rich and catflap, Lee Cornes plays the bin man. He also plays Dick Head in Bottom. He was also in an episode of Red Dwarf (Confidence and paranoia), alongside Chris Barrie (Who was in The Young Ones). Also, Robert Lewellyn was later introduced to Red Dwarf, and he was the one legged war veteran (PARADE)


Adrian is married to Clive (Jennifer Saunders) from Dangerous Brothers ("How to get off with a lady"). Hes also appeared in her comedy show "Absolutly Fabulous". They both appeared together in "The Comic Strip Presents"


Helen Leader appears in many Rik and Adrian projects. She plays Lady Natasha in DIGGER, the receptionist in the hospital in APPOCALYPSE. She also plays a prostitute in Kinky Sex from The Dangerous Brothers.


Norman Lovette (again from Red Dwarf, playing Holly) is in Dangerous Brothers as the prisoner who gets his legs cut off in TORTURE. He also plays one of the guys in the queue in the bank in SUMMER HOLIDAY in The Young Ones.


Ben Elton, who co-wrote The Young Ones and wrote Filthy, Rich and Catflap appeared in Filthy, Rich and Catflap as a face in the crowd in Episode Two. He also wrote the theatre production of "WE WILL ROCK YOU", featuring Nigel Planner as "Pop". Nigel plays Filthy Ralph in Filthy, Rich and Catflap, and plays Neil the hippy in The Young Ones. He also features in Comic Strip with Rik and Ade.