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* Lots of bands were featured in the Young Ones (Including Motorhead, best band ever in my opinion!) Why was this? Simply so the show came under the BBC's Entertainment budget rather than Variety, and accordingly got more money. Clever, huh!


* There is an out-take available on the first Bloopers compilation - which is available from BBC Video I think. It's a clip from the beginning of Sick, where they're all in bed and Vyvian throws a bottle of Vodka into (Neils?) bedroom. In the outtake the burning rag falls out of the bottle whilst he's holding it, and sets fire to the bed!


* As part of the burping, punches and other sound effects, Ian Tomlin resorted to wiring up a microphone to his own baby's backside....


* There was a joke in BORING where a policeman thought someone was black, and subjected him to a torrent of racial abuse : "That's white man's electricity you're using, Mr Rastus Chocolate Drop" etc. Unfortuately, the production office got a letter from a teacher saying that while she understood the point of the joke, she found the one black boy in his class was having the same abuse levelled at him.


* The BAMBI episode won the Golden Rose at the Montreux Television festival.


* The band Primus sampled Rik saying 'You just called me a bastard, didn't you?', and Ade saying 'Shut up you bastard' on their album 'Sailing The Seas of Cheese', on the last track, "Los Bastardos".


* Neil made a cameo appearance on the 45 minute video of the making of Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Quite hilarious, apparently..


* There was a Young Ones computer game that came out in the mid-1980s for the Amstrad CPC, Spectrum and Commodore 64. It was a platform-type game and if you went through the wardrobe, you ended up in Narnia! If you have a PC-compatible machine, you might want to try downloading and playing the game yourself thanks to a C64 emulator, available at

         - just try to smash the VCR... :-)


(I found this rather funny....) * On a recent episode of University Challenge, a contestant, stumped for an answer, finally came up with "Toxteth O'Grady, U.S.A." for an answer. This brought the house down, apparently.


* An Australian band, 'Front End Loader' released a song called 'Travel Scrabble Death', a line from Dawn French's Christian tirade in Interesting.



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