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BOTTOM LIVE 1 - Its just another day in paradise. But what day is it? It must be Monday, because Richies had a delivery (oo-er!). So, how can he get Eddie out of the house? Well, first hes got to find his emergency fiver, and find out why Eddie keeps getting mugged. But Richies got a bird, from a box anyway. But when she takes his cherry, right off, Richie decides to kill himself. Especialy as hes so in debt. But a marrige certificate later and Eddies in on it too, so how are they going to get out of this one?! Shove over old friend, you can never be sure of the high voltage on the electric toilet. (Southampton, 1993)


BOTTOM LIVE: THE BIG NUMBER TWO TOUR - If anyone can manage to get arrested for wiggling their todgers at the Queen, its these two! With the pressures of being a sought-after babe in prison, its a race against time for Richie to save himself from getting raped by "Mr Big". And with a phycopathic penis remover on E-Wing, how are they going to get out of this one?! (1995, Oxford Appollo)


BOTTOM LIVE 3: HOOLIGANS ISLAND - They were on the run from the police for stealing an Ambulace, and they managed to find their way onto a huge showbiz liner. Now, as Eddie fucked the boat, theyve become ship-wrecked on Hooligans Island. Eddie finds a bird, Richie tries his pervy best to revive her, theres Welsh cannibals and Richies on his death bed with just Japanese help. And this is all in Act 1! They find that theyre sharing the island with a 50 megaton nuclear device, and confound the French for putting it there! (1997, Bristol Hippodrome)


BOTTOM LIVE 2001: AN ARSE ODDITY - We find Eddie and Richie where we left them, Hooligans Island. Still marooned, they're fighting, cursing and drinking their way through life. The drinking bit isnt strictly alcohol, as Richie finds out after getting Eddie to "milk" the pig. When we get back in Act 2, we find them escaped and on their way to the bar! We ask the questions, will Eddie ever find the bar? Will they get to see the minge they hope for? And will Richie finally get a shag in the huge Alian Ant farm in which he was chosen to help repopulate with his seed?! (2001, Oxford)


BOTTOM LIVE 2003: WEAPONS GRADE Y-FRONTS TOUR - Eddie has discovered his great talent for inventing, and creates the answer to all mankinds problems! With his greatest invention of a time-traveling toilet, he helps to save Richies life by adding violence as a new element of time. So hes still manageing to have fun then. But it malfunctions, and Richies greatest talent is also put to the tst. Can Richies masterbating help get them to the bar before the audience?! (2003, Southends Cliffs pavillion)