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SMELLS - Richie and Eddie are so desperate for a shag, they search the Lonely Hearts. But they find an advert for Sex Spray that they hope to change their life!


GAS - After beating the Gasman half to death, the guys decide to get rid of the illigal gas-pipe line that insures that the neighbours have to pay for their gas bills. As always, they manage to get themselves into trouble on the way...


CONTEST - When the bastards cut off Eddies dole, hes left with 11.80. But after spending all but 30p, he has to convince Richie into letting him watch Miss World.


APOCALYPSE - When Auntie Alger dies and leaves 600 for Richie, they go on a spending spree. Somehow, he manages to get cursed, and gets a visit from Death with the help of Eddie.


S'UP - If you want to have a good time, forget it! When Richie and Eddie man the corner shop, they decide to slack off by watching the cricket on the roof. As usual, more troublesome capers!


ACCIDENT - Its Richies birthday, and only Eddies two great mates have turned up. Hence a fantastic game of Sardines, Postmans Knock and two broken legs.



DIGGER - With the help of a love beauro, Richie gets a bird! But Eddie, now knowns as "Jives The Butler", manages to get his way, and Richie ends up with a mouthful of fish-poo and being within metres of sex. No time to grow a beard though...


CULTURE - Chess. God, I adore chess! When the telly gets taken away, Richie and Eddie have a night of culture, and chess. Obviously, the game causes mayhem and violence, not to mention home made alcohol.


BURGLARY - When Richie and Eddie, The Hammersmith Hardmen, catch a burgalar in the sketching room, they have to bump him off so they can live a high-life in the bahamas.


PARADE - With 8 each from a police line up, free drinks from the new saucy bit of alright behind the bar, and a free tip from Tight-Mouth Larry, its their lucky day! But pulling a war-vetrans legs off and beating up a police cheif makes matters alot worse.


HOLY - Its Christmas, and the guys have been blessed with the second coming (oo-er)! With Richie as the new Virgin Mary, and the Three Kings by the babys side, whos going to clean his nappy? Get the mop and the bucket and the bleach...


S'OUT - When Eddie and Richie go out onto Wimbledom Common for a camping trip, theres chaos involving a hedghog, a fish and a packet of chocolate hob Nobs. can they last a whole bloody week?




HOLE - Not only is it the tallest but its the oldest ferris wheel in Western Europe. And Eddie and Richie just happen to be trapped on top of it! Its all Richies fault for touching up the burley ferris wheel attendent!


TERROR - The only thing scarier than three small devils at the front door is Richies "Sprouts Mexicane". Its halloween, and the guys need cash for a party,hence the great trick or treat outfits!


BREAK - theyre going on a holiday! Its just 25 minutes to the beach, by car. So theyre off to Doncaster, and theres plenty of things they need to nick for the beach. But then theres the problems of having to loose three stone, and sew Eddies legs back on.


DOUGH - No more living on the edge of society for them! Eddies been forging money! But problems arise when Dick Head calls in the reinforcements, and the only way out of getting their skulls crushed, Eddie and Richie have to win a pub quiz!


FINGER - For revenge of knocking him out on the cricket pitch, Richie manages to steal Cannonball Taffy O'Jones' car. With Eddie in tow, they end up on a honeymoon, and the pair have fun with Eddie in drag!


CARNIVAL - With the best seats for the Annual Hammersmith Riot, Eddie and Richie go and do some looting. With the help of a stolen video camera and some video recorders, how do they manage to get their hands on a blackmail tape...?