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The Guys
Rick - Rik Mayall.
 Rick is a complete wally, self-confessed disciple of Cliff Richard and a belief that he is the People's Poet. Rick is tormented by Vyvyan day in day out, which is why he feels he has a kind of duty to make Neil's life a misery, which he gets a pleasure from. He tries to convince everyone that he isn't a virgin, not that they care. He also studies Philosophy.
Vyvyan Basterd - Adrian Edmondson
 Vyvyan is a punk medical student, with a passion for curries, larger, violence and destruction. He enjoys nothing more than winding up Rick for being both a wimp and a virgin. He has a kind of respect for Mike but treats Neil as a slave.
Mike 'TheCoolPerson' - Christopher Ryan
 He is studying 'The school of life,' and has photos of the dean, which he uses for great grades. He believes he is an object of desire for women, yet owns a blow up doll and a suitcase of women's underwear.
Neil Pye - Nigel Planer
 Neil is a hippy, with his long straggly hair and a passion for lentils, his life is a living hell when Rick decides he's done something wrong. He is treated as a sort of mother-figure, having to cook, clean, answer the phone and do the shopping. He was played by Nigel Planner, who had to wear a wig for the role. He tried to kill himself but the rope was too short. He studies peace studies yet is seriously depressed.
The Bowloski Family - Alexi Sayle
 The foriegn landlord, Jertzi ("Jeremy, actually!"). His cousin (Sir) Billy, who is clinically insane. Alexi (and loads of other names, his dad was a bit of a communist you see!). All in the Bowloski family. Also, Alexi appears as Brian Damage, an escaped criminal madman!